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                                                                   REAL ESTATE RESOURCES

Buying or selling a home can be an exciting experience, but you also have to rely on professionals to make it happen. Below are a few names that can help you through the buying or selling process. If you know of others who you would recommend, please send us a note at Beardsleyteam@outlook.com.


Diane Holleman                                                                                Lawrence Saleh                                                                                 
Martel Mortgages                                                                             Centum Bank Street Mortgage                                             
Mobile Mortgage agent                                                                   1800 Bank St                                                         
Tel: 613-291-4912                                                                               Ottawa, ON
http://martelmortgages.ca/dianeholleman                                Tel: 613-523-4949

Jane Antosik                                                             Tom Insley                                        Yan Deforges Emond

RBC                                                                             Capital Mortgage                            Desjardins

Tel: 613-612-1889                                                     Tel: 613-558-4872                           Tel: 613-222-3197



Andrew Power, Freedom 55                                 Sameen Sami, Freedom 55

Tel: 613-867-2916                                                    Tel: 613-404-6694

Andrew.Power@f55f.com                                     sameen.sami@freedom55financial.com



McVey Insurance:                                   Hick’s Insurance:
8028 Victoria                                            2666 8th Line
Metcalfe, ON                                            Metcalfe, ON
Tel: 613-821-3993                                    Tel: 613-821-2155
http://mcveyinsservice.com                 http://www.hicksinsurance.ca


Bernie Dueck                                      Samantha Berry
305-150 Isabella                                 522 St Lawrence
Ottawa, ON                                         Winchester, ON
Tel: 613-563-7114                               Tel:613-774-2670

Frederic Huard                                   Kathleen Robichaud
1455 Youville U216                            Manotick Main St
Orleans, ON                                        Tel: 613-692-1020
Tel: 613-834-6444


Perry Campbell  (also WETT)                                   Paul Battle TheHouseDoc.ca
Buyer’s Choice                                                            Air Quality, Mould, Radon
Tel: 613-293-9053                                                       Tel: 613-297-2996

Marc Parent                                                                Michael Johnson (also septic)
Parent and Associates                                              Kingfisher Inspections
Tel: 613-748-5564                                                       Tel: 613-812-3864                                   


Lee Wright, Manotick Pumping                            

Tel: 613-913-5814                                                    

Michael Johnson (also Home and WETT), Kingfisher Inspections
Tel: 613-812-3864         

Robin Charette, Biobite
Tel: 613-227-4558

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