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                                           21 POINT ACTION PLAN

This is 2017, not 1996. Marketing your home should never be about putting a sign on your lawn and perhaps adding your home to MLS. Quite frankly without a lot of luck on your side that rarely works in today’s tight real estate market. View a short introductory video HERE

Today you need maximum exposure. Buyers are smart, computer savvy and look everywhere for a home that meets their needs. Do you know that 92% (some studies say it is as high as 97%) of home buyers and 47% of first time buyers spend their time searching online? 76% drive by a home that they found online to check it out plus 43% bought the home they found online! You must have a strong online presence plus hard working agents to succeed. Even our competitors (other real estate companies will feature our listings on their sites). If you are on just one or two sites or if you don't have an agent that is aggressively marketing your home, you have really limited your chance of success.

Do you remember when good old fashioned hard work was important? We do. Bev and Keith Beardsley  believe in aggressive marketing that combines the best in traditional real estate marketing methods as well as the latest in social media activity with a strong online presence. We don't sit and hope that the phone will ring, every day we are working for you to get your home sold.

21 POINT ACTION PLAN works in this tough market. Would you like to know more?


Our objectives are the following:

1. To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is sold. “Qualified” is important, we don’t bring just anyone through. We want them pre-qualified financially and we want to know that they are serious and not just lookers. Why would we waste your time if they can't afford your home?

2. We want you to know what is happening.  We communicate with you weekly. You will know what is happening in your market place. The number one complaint that sellers have about real estate agents is that once they are listed they never hear from them. That won't happen with the Beardsley Team.

3. To assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value … between you and the buyer.

We are proactive agents not passive ones who wait for the phone to ring. We think that you want more than a sign and just being listed on MLS. If that is the case, then we agree with you and we believe that in today’s tough market you have to aggressively market your home. Putting out a sign, holding an Open House and just putting a home on MLS simply isn't good enough. PLUS WE OFFER YOU OUR EXCLUSIVE SERVICE GUARANTEE!

Do you want agents who believe in hard work on your side working for you?

If your answer is yes-

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Bev and Keith Beardsley have developed an exclusive formula that allows our buyers (or visitors to open houses) to rate your house (out of 100%) as they walk through it or other homes that they are viewing. The resulting score gives a good indication as to how the home measures up to buyer expectations. This type of feedback is crucial for both you and us.

We think that you want more than a sign and being on MLS.

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