The Ottawa region had an outstanding year in 2017 for real estate sales. This year is starting off a bit slower simply because there is very low inventory for sale IE not enough homes on the market and buyers are finding it tough to find what they want. This is helping sellers and prices are rising.  If you are thinking about selling, there is still time to get on the market ahead of your potential competitors, CLICK:

On this page you will find market statistics for various communities. We try to keep them as up to date as possible. It is impossible to cover every area, the Ottawa region is just too vast. Most of the rural towns are within commuting distance of Ottawa and they are often overlooked by potential buyers who don't realize the benefits and savings of buying in the country.  We hope that you find them useful and we can also give you the data for areas not shown here.

      Ottawa Real Estate Board 2018 Residential Sales Numbers For The Ottawa Region

          January  sales= 712, +7.2% over January 2017      February sales= 979, -2.3%    March= +12.3%    

                                                    January to March Summary watch VIDEO HERE      


                                        SALES FROM 1 JANUARY TO MARCH 31, 2018

                                                                          VIDEO RESULTS 



   NEW! Russell  VIDEO                                                       NEW! Embrun-Limoges-Casselman  VIDEO                                                           

   NEW! Metcalfe-Osgoode-Vernon     VIDEO                  NEW! Kemptville    VIDEO                                                  


   NEW!  North Dundas     VIDEO        NEW!S. Dundas-Cardinal/Edwardsburgh    VIDEO              

   NEW!   Greely  VIDEO


    NEW! Findlay Creek-Deerfield Village VIDEO       NEW! South Keys-Greenboro-Hunt Club Park   VIDEO

    NEW! Riverside South   VIDEO           NEW! Orleans  VIDEO

                                                  2018 vs 2017 SALES BY TOWN OR COMMUNITY

                                                           January to March 31, 2018 

                                                 The individual town sales statistics are shown as:
                                              Town or area name,  this years sales/last years sales


Russell: 10/18           Embrun: 25/42       Limoges: 18/24             Casselman: 9/10           Osgoode: 11/8


Metcalfe:13/14         Vernon: 4/1            Chesterville: 13/6           Winchester: 6/8          Manotick: 21/13

Kemptville-N Grenville: 60/58              Kars-N Gower: 4/5       Greely: 36/32              Carlsbad Springs: 4/1

N. Dundas (Winchester Twp): 6/9                                 N. Dundas (Mountain Twp): 6/8   

Finch-Moose Creek-N Stormont: 6/5                           Manotick 56/38          


Findlay Creek/Deerfield Village: 42/30                     Riverside South: 71/43                Alta Vista: 57/67

Greenboro-South Keys-Hunt Club Park: 72/66       Elmvale Acres: 37/38                 Hunt Club:50/38        

 Orleans: Approx East of 10th line 258/229            Orleans Total 400/343               Barrhaven: 307/264  

                 Approx West of 10th line 142/114 

Riverside Park  10/13   

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