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                                                             MARKET STATISTICS

The Ottawa region has an excellent market this year and many communities and price ranges are showing much lower inventory IE fewer homes for sale than normal. Buyers are finding it tough to find what they want. This is helping sellers and prices are rising.  If you are thinking about selling and you want to take advantage of this market before it changes, there is still time to get on the market ahead of your potential competitors:

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On this page you will find market statistics for various communities. We try to keep them as up to date as possible. It is impossible to cover every area, the Ottawa region is just too vast. Most of the rural towns shown here are within commuting distance of Ottawa and they are often overlooked by potential buyers who don't realize the benefits and how much they can save when buying in the country.  We hope that you find them useful and we can also give you the data for areas not shown here.

      Ottawa Real Estate Board 2018 Residential Sales Numbers For The Ottawa Region

          January  sales=  +7.2% over January 2017      February sales=  -2.3%    March= +12.3%

         April=  +13.6%     May -0.7%     June -4.3%        July +5.9%     August +3.3%     September +0.7%

         October +11.8%    November -5.4%   December -13%

                                                Ottawa Market Year End Summary For 2018

The Ottawa market remains strong with prices increasing. The issue is not a lack of buyers but a lack of homes on the market at this time.This shows in the lower sales numbers as it is difficult to find homes for buyers. If you are thinking about selling next Spring, why not take advantage of the lack of sellers out there now IE much less competition for you compared to the Spring market and get on the market early.


                     Check out this video as to why you should "Beat The Spring Rush"    



                                       SALES FROM 1 JANUARY TO DECEMBER 31, 2018

                                                                 YEAR END VIDEO RESULTS 



     Russell-Embrun VIDEO              Metcalfe-Osgoode-Vernon    VIDEO          

   Greely VIDEO                                 North Dundas      VIDEO          

    Kemptville-N. Grenville VIDEO  


    Findlay Creek-Deerfield Village  VIDEO                        Riverside South VIDEO


     Orleans  VIDEO                      South Keys-Greenboro-Hunt Club Park   VIDEO

     Elmvale Acres     VIDEO

     Riverside Park-Riverside Park South-Mooneys Bay     VIDEO

We can't do videos for every town and community in the city that we cover, the Ottawa Board's area is just to large. However, to assist you, if you would like to know about an area not shown here, just call or text us at 613-897-6839. Its a free service and we will be happy to help you out.

Months of Inventory (October)

The calculation for months of inventory is simple. You take the number of homes on the market and divide it by the average numbers of sales per month. It is an important number because it helps to determine if you are located in a Seller’s Market, Balanced Market or Buyer’s Market. Lots of agents don't track this number, but we like our buyers and sellers to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible when making such an important financial decision. Don't you agree?

A rough guideline is:  1-3 months: a sellers’ market, prices rising, homes sell quickly
                                        4-6 months: a balanced market
                                        6+ months: a buyer’s market, lots of homes on the market for buyers to choose from.

VIDEO          Metcalfe-Osgoode   VIDEO          Greely  VIDEO

Kemptville Area VIDEO          North Dundas VIDEO                    Orleans VIDEO

Findlay Creek-Deerfield Village  VIDEO          Riverside South VIDEO 

South Keys-Greenboro-Hunt Club Park   VIDEO          Elmvale Acres   VIDEO

Riverside Park-Riverside Park South-Mooneys Bay    VIDEO


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