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                                                             MARKET STATISTICS

This is an outstanding year for real estate sales in the Ottawa area.  If you are thinking about selling, there is still time to get on the market ahead of your potential competitors, give us a call or text at 613-897-6839 and we can discuss in detail how your area is doing.

Ottawa Real Estate Board 2018 Residential Sales Numbers

January  712, +7.2%                   

On this page you will find market statistics for various communities. We try to keep them as up to date as possible. It is impossible to cover every area, the Ottawa region is just too vast. Most of the rural towns are within commuting distance of Ottawa and they are often overlooked by potential buyers who don't realize the benefits of buying in the country.  We hope that you find them useful and we can also give you the data for areas not shown here.

                                       NEW!   January 2018 Results Are Now In!             

Note that sales were very heavy in December 2017, which left far fewer homes than normal on the market in January. This did impact January sales numbers in some districts as there simply wasn't enough supply.                                                                                                  
                                                         The statistics are shown as:
                                   Town or area name,  this years sales/last years sales


Russell: 1/5          Embrun: 6/6          Limoges: 4/1          Casselman: 1/2

Osgoode: 2/4       Metcalfe: 3/1         Vernon: 1/0           Chesterville: 4/0

Winchester: 2/1     Kemptville-N Grenville: 15/8           Manotick: 10/4

Kars-N Gower: 1/0          Greely: 5/7          Carlsbad Springs: 1/0


Findlay Creek/Deerfield Village: 10/10          Riverside South: 22/6

Greenboro-South Keys-Hunt Club Park: 20/14         Elmvale Acres: 7/9

Hunt Club:14/8          Blossom Park: 7/3     Blackburn Hamlet: 7/6

Orleans: 76/66  (East 45/40)  (West 31/26)          Alta Vista: 11/13    Riverside Park: 5/2

Country Sales Year End 2017

Russell  83/82 
Video                          Greely 170/159 Video                       Osgoode 56/55  Video

Metcalfe 54/46 - Vernon 5/15
Video        Chesterville 29/25 - Winchester 46/46  Video          

Kemptville-North Grenville 288/260 
Video    Embrun-Casselman-Limoges 315/269  Video                         
Manotick 123/94                         Kars-N Gower 41/45                       Carlsbad Springs 16/24                        

City Sales Year End 2017

Findlay Creek/Deerfield   216/146  
Video           Riverside South 308/228        

Greenboro-S Keys-Hunt Club Park  341/296  
Video          Hunt Club 190/184        

Elmvale Acres 179/145                Blossom Park  105/115              Blackburn Hamlet  99/97           

Orleans Total Sales: 1953/1758 Video     

Orleans  East (generally east of 10th line) 1266/1119  

  • Avalon, Nottingate, Springridge  594/529           
  • Fallingbook, Gardenway   167/137

Orleans West (generally west of 10th line)  687/639  

  • Chapel Hill and Chapel Hill South  259/199
  • Convent Glen (all)  217/230                                       

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