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We are introducing a new series of short videos that draws on over 20 years of real estate experience. The Beardsley Team looks at some of the questions and issues that they encounter from both buyers and sellers. These are our personal thoughts and comments, others might have different answers- so never stop asking your questions.

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#1 Go With Your Instincts

When deciding on an agent to use, never blindly follow someone else's advice or beleive everything you see on a web site. Always ask lots of questions and satisfy yourself before making a decision. Check out our thoughts VIEW HERE

#2  Can I Look At A Few Houses Before Going To The Bank? Check out our answerVIEW HERE       

                                      BEHIND THE SCENES

Folks that we have worked with know that we are not the type of agents who think selling a house is all about putting in on MLS, putting out a sign and maybe trying a couple of open houses to hopefully (with fingers crossed) get it sold.

We thought it would be fun to do a series of videos that shows some of what goes on "Behind The Scenes" when we work with buyers or people selling their home. We hope you enjoy these videos, more will be added as we go.

Part One: Bev, the voice on the phone: VIDEO

Part Two: Keith's work area:  VIDEO