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Bev and Keith Beardsley

Sales Representatives and Seniors Real Estate Specialists      


                                            ABOUT THE BEARDSLEY TEAM:

How can we help you?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our page.

We are very fortunate that all parts of the Ottawa region; west end, central, east and south are so accessible from our home office. This has allowed us to help clients from Kanata to past Orleans and all the way down to the St. Lawrence. While our business takes us to all parts of the Ottawa region; we tend to focus on three areas, the rural areas south of the city between the 416/Rideau River and Highway 417 including Greely, Russell, Osgoode, the Kemptville area and North Dundas. The south end of Ottawa (including Elmvale Acres, Riverside Park, Greenboro, South Keys, Hunt Club, Findlay Creek, Riverside South, Hunt Club Park) and Orleans. These are areas where we have lived and Keith sold real estate for over 18 years. This is a benefit to you as we have lived in, worked in and know many of these areas so well.

How Are We Different?

We Believe in a CLIENT CENTERED approach

It should never be about us, it must always be about helping you get the results you need.

  • Two experienced, professional sales representatives
  • We provide a unique “Client-centered” approach to real estate.
  • Put your interests first.
  • Every day we strive to set the “Gold Standard” for customer service.
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialists, SRES®: In addition to our regular real estate work, both Bev and Keith carry this prestigious designation. We are specially trained and certified to work with seniors, age 50 plus.  At the time of writing this; there are only 19 out of 3400 agents in the Ottawa area with the SRES® designation which is recognized by both the Canadian Real Estate Association and the Ontario Real Estate Association.
  • We don't believe in gimmicks to get you to list your home with us, you know the ones we are talking about.
  • Honest advice and service and an appointment with us is free with a guarantee of no arm twisting or pressure tactics and no obligation on your part.

We work for Century 21, the most recognized name in real estate.

  • Our company, Century 21 Action Power Team is well established and well known having been in business since the 1970s.
  • We have two company offices in Ottawa/Orleans and Embrun.
  • Plus our home office in Metcalfe (superbly located on a highway between the 417 and 416). We are within a 30 min drive of most parts of the city, as well as many rural communities.

Real Estate Has Changed With The Times

Today the internet plays a key role in real estate. Your agent must reflect what works in today’s market and changing times. It is not acceptable to just put a home on MLS and sit back and hope the phone will ring. You need aggressive agents who will market your home to the greatest number of potential buyers, as well as to other agents. 95% of buyers are looking for a home online and recent studies show 51% found the home they bought online. You will find the Beardsley Team all over the internet- Facebook, YouTube (over 500 Beardsley Team real estate videos), Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and on dozens of different web sites. Isn’t that the type of agents that you want?

When Keith first started out in real estate, quite a few years ago, agents specialized in one small community, but with the internet and our increasingly mobile population that idea is now outdated. Buyers come from every part of the region. Our sellers have the advantage of knowing that we are online where the buyers are looking. Plus, we can help buyers find a home anywhere in the region. You can’t do that if all you know is one small town or community.

Our real estate business takes us to every corner of the Ottawa region and we love the opportunity to travel and meet new people in both the urban and rural areas. If you see us, stop and say hello, we are easy to spot with the sign on our jeep or in the summer when we wear what we joking call our gold and black (Century 21) bumble bee shirts.

Check out our client reviews to see what our buyers and sellers have to say about their experience working with the Beardsley Team. Call or text us at 613-897-6839 to contact us for a no pressure chat and discussion about your options. Ask about our exclusive service guarantee that protects you! Who else does that?


                                                     How Can We Help You?




                                         Keith Beardsley

                                      Sales Representative

                                           Seniors Real Estate Specialist

  • A skilled negotiator who understands marketing, real estate and who has real world work experience.
  • Close to 18 years plus of real estate experience.
  • Previously owned his own real estate franchise which served the Ottawa/Orleans market. Keith has experience as a real estate broker, manager and trainer.
  • Keith loves mentoring and coaching new agents and helping them to get established in their real estate career.
  • Today in his spare time he still coaches agents in our present company, especially on internet marketing and how to use social media.
  • Keith is a member of the Ottawa Real Estate Board disciplinary committee.

In addition to real estate, Keith has real world experience:  Keith has been a senior advisor to five national political party leaders, as well as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister and served as Chief of Staff in three federal departments.

  • He has always had to handle multiple files, the marketing of issues, plus intense negotiating sessions while bringing different groups and individuals together. These additional skills offer extra value to you when you have Keith on your side when buying or selling your home.
  • Keith served in the army reserve with the Royal Canadian Hussars and he is a member of the executive of the Osgoode Legion  serving as the public relations officer.



                                                  Bev Beardsley

                                                  Sales Representative

                                                  Seniors Real Estate Specialist



  • Bev brings many years of award winning sales and customer service experience to the Beardsley Team. In addition to her real estate experience and training, Bev is also a:
  • Certified home stager
  • Certified interior decorator
  • Certified colour consultant.
  • Whether buying or selling that is experience that you can count on

In addition to her sales experience,

  • Bev was a national level equestrian coach.
  • Has owned her own interior decorating company. Not only can Bev help you to stage your home to help  you get the best possible price, this is a free service that Bev offers to our clients.
  • Bev can also help buyers to visualize themselves in your home.
  • Bev doesn't like to sit and wait for the phone to ring, she is very proactive and Bev is often the voice you hear on the phone or the person you meet at your door.
  • Bev often door knocks or calls entire neighbourhoods looking for buyers and sellers.


  A short video of Bev at work VIEW  HERE                             


Bev and Keith don't believe in sitting and waiting for the phone to ring, they aggressively market your home to expose it to the greatest number of individuals and sales professionals possible. Isn't that the type of agents you want working for you? If your answer is yes,call or text 613-897-6839 now.

Relocations and Transfers:

Both Bev and Keith Beardsley work with various relocation companies. Both are registered with Brookfield Relocation as Third Party Providers for government, RCMP and DND transfers. We would be happy to help personnel who need to sell their home in the Ottawa area as well as those moving into this region. Our aim is to make your move as efficient and timely as possible for you. As noted on the Brookfield web site, Brookfield does not recommend suppliers and individuals are free to pick who they use. We would be happy to discuss our services and what we offer with you.

                     Bev and Keith                                                               Our residential office

              The Beardsley Team


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                                                                Bev and Keith Beardsley
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