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Client comment: "As first time home buyers we were so grateful to have experienced realtors like Bev and Keith. They guided us through the whole process and helped us find exactly what we wanted." (A and D)

Client Comment:I could not have gotten this far without you… thank you for helping me make my dreams come true! (CM)

Client Comment: "Thank you so much, you and your wife are awesome to deal with" (JL)


                                                                          ARE YOU STILL RENTING? WHY?


Are you thinking about buying a home? Are you a first time buyer? Are you ready to compete with the thousands of other buyers who will be out looking for a home at the same time as you? Are you getting stressed out about the process? Are you worried about how to get started?   Watch:     5 Steps To Home Buying Success

Bev and Keith have a package for buyers just like you. Whether you are experienced or a first time buyer, our aim is to make the buying process enjoyable and to help you to find the home of your dreams. 



1. Pick a neighbourhood or town that you would like to live in. Forget about browsing the internet for now. Drive and check out the area. See what it offers. Try to focus on only one to three neighbourhoods maximum. That will help me to focus on specific features that you want in your area of choice. Drive around those neighbourhoods at least three times at different times of the day and on weekends. See what is going on there. Check the commuting time to your place of work. Are these neighbourhoods still your top choices?
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2. Now is the time to get pre-approved by a reputable lender. We have several on our web site. It is very important to know what you can afford before you start looking at homes. Our blog page has an article on the pre-approval process.
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3. Stop clicking on agent after agent to ask questions about various properties and find an agent who you think will do a great job for you. Note that is rarely the agent who tells you they are the best. The best agents let you find that out on your own and they demonstrate their expertise by the way they work with you.

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4. Stop looking at fixer-uppers. They are definitely cheaper, but unless you or someone you know has the construction skills to fix it up, it will cost you a lot more than simply buying a home that is already in move in condition.

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5. Understand the process. Don’t start learning what to do when you are submitting an offer. Ask your agent to go over the offer process with you and look at a copy of an offer with your agent at the beginning of your buying journey, don’t wait until you have to submit one. When looking for a home you should never feel intimated or feel like you are being pressured into a decision. You need to use an agent that you can trust. Knowledge is power- get ahead of the curve, pick an agent that you can trust and enjoy the journey- enjoy your new home. For additional information watch the video

Do us a favour- read over these points and ask yourself “are these the kind of agents that I want to work with?" We hope that your answer is yes and if it is, then get in touch, so that we can help you take your first step on your real estate journey.                                 

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Client comment: We had been looking for a house for a while and at every corner ran into some complications when we found a house that we were interested in.  Keith and Beverley Beardsley though never gave up on us and our hope to find the perfect house. We did find the perfect house with their help and without them we wouldn't have. Keith and Bev were always accommodating and made our first time home buying experience fun and exciting. I will be recommending their services to anyone who is either first time like us or an experienced home buyer. (M and J, 2015)


                                                                          Bev and Keith Beardsley  
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